College Applications

All senior students research careers and colleges. 

Three Basic Steps for Submission of College Application Documents:

  1. Students will go to the college website and complete the application. Most websites do not open until August.  Students are able to complete applications using SCOIR and the Common App as well.
  2. Student will then go into their SCOIR Account and update the "Applied” section with the names of the schools.  If the schools are not in SCOIR, students should email their counselor or Mrs. Warren notifying them of the schools that are not in SCOIR.

Items to Remember

Teacher Recommendations: If you require a teacher recommendation, please speak to the teacher face to face prior to adding their name to SCOIR. Once your teacher has agreed to create a letter for you, add your teacher recommendation request in SCOIR.

SAT and ACT Standardized Tests Scores: It is the student's responsibility to send the scores from the testing agency. for SAT scores and for ACT scores.

Common Application - Coalition Application: Students applying to many of the private colleges will be directed to use Common Application or the Coalition. These two basic application can be used for multiple colleges. It is important that a student has a consistent e-mail address as SCOIR and Common Application link to send documents. During the application process for Common Application, prior to submitting a teacher's name, you must complete the "FERPA" waiver portion either waiving or not waiving rights to access the information after the application process.

SHS College Application Checklist: Follow the instructions on this form to ensure your application is complete. The CHECKLIST is in the Counseling Office and on the Counseling website. This form accommodates 10 colleges/universities. Please complete the checklist each time you apply to a college and submit it to the Counseling Office.

Timeliness: We ask for ten (10) school days to process student paperwork in the Counseling Office. We also suggest that you allow three (3) weeks for a teacher to complete a letter. While it typically does not take that long, it is important for students to watch their deadlines.

We consider it very important to process your college applications correctly and efficiently. Please contact your school counselor with any questions.

College Application Request Form