Previously, TFEC has needed a completed FASFA to determine scholarship eligibility.  This year, due to the delay in FASFA, they have changed their requirements. To bypass the need to FASFA, please see the below message from TFEC: 

Due to FAFSA’s delays, we’re no longer requiring FAFSA results rather students can:

  1. Submit the Student Aid Index (SAI) provided on the confirmation page at the time they submitted their FAFSA application.  
  2. *If they didn’t save this information, they can produce their SAI by using the Federal Student Aid Estimator Calculator, uploading the results into their universal scholarship application.

(FYI: Using the calculator requires parents’ financial information, including their tax filing status, adjusted gross income, total assets, and annual child support received. If their parents are divorced, they will need this information for their primary parent, including the financial information of their stepparent if their primary parent remarried.)


Seniors, as always, if you have any questions, please stop and see Mrs. Warren in the counseling office or email her at [email protected].  

Parents, if you have any questions, please reach out to Mrs. Warren at 717-957-6000 opt 3, opt 1 or email her at [email protected]