College in the High School/Dual Enrollment

College in the High School (CiHS)

CiHS courses are college-level courses, taught at SHS by our teachers, using college-aligned curriculum with oversight from the colleges' faculty. SHS has partnered with Harrisburg University and Lackawanna College to offer CiHS courses to our students. These courses are open to all SHS students and not restricted to seniors.

  • SHS teachers are identified as Adjunct Professors.
  • Course curriculum is reviewed by the colleges and identified as meeting their requirements.
  • Courses will be counted toward GPA, SHS graduation requirements, and be weighted as the SHS course.
  • Tuition cost: $100 per credit (3 credit courses). Students and families are responsible for all financial costs associated with CiHS. A 3-credit CiHS course will cost $300, which is a significant reduction from regular tuition costs. Courses, which have a lab component, are 4 credits ($400).
  • A student must earn a C in the course to receive college credit.
  • Transferability of credits: Both Harrisburg University and Lackawanna College have taken a proactive approach to ensuring their credits transfer to other universities and colleges. Credits may transfer to all PA state universities. Credits also may transfer to many other colleges throughout the United States. Several examples are: Widener University, Temple University, VMI, RIT, Susquehanna, James Madison, Drexel, and Duquesne. Families are encouraged to contact prospective colleges regarding the transferring of credits

Dual Enrollment (DE)

SHS students take college courses through participating colleges traditionally during their senior year. Students work with school counselors to complete placement tests, register, and build a SHS schedule around their dual enrollment courses.

  • HACC has been the primary college students earn credits through DE. This year Central Penn College has been added to Susquenita's dual enrollment options.
  • Students may also enroll in online courses offered through Lackawanna College at a discounted rate if space is available.
  • Students must provide their own transportation to off-campus courses.
  • DE courses may supplant a SHS course for graduation credit, based on administrative review. DE courses will be included in a student's GPA, weighted at 1.02.
  • DE tuition rates:
    • HACC - $125 per credit (3 credit courses: $375)
    • Central Penn College - $350 per 3 credit courses
    • Lackawanna College - $100 per credit (3 credit course: $300)

Students and families are responsible for all financial costs associated with DE.

Dual Enrollment and CiHS Information

DE & CiHS Information

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